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54 research institutions from twelve countries have signed the agreement for the international R&D collaboration for a future wide field-of-view gamma-ray observatory in the southern hemisphere. The aim of the collaboration is to develop, over the next three years, a detailed proposal for the implementation of such an observatory, including site selection and technology choices. The partner countries of the Southern Wide field-of-view Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO) are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, creating a worldwide community around the project. In addition, there are 32 supporting scientists from 11 countries. countries involved in SWGO


Spokesperson: Jim Hinton

Vice-spokespersons: Petra Huentemeyer, Ulisses Barres

Steering Committee

Countries in which institutes have signed the “Statement of Interest” in SWGO are asked to appoint a national representative to sit on the SWGO Steering Committee. The current membership of the steering committee is:

  • Adrian Rovero (Argentina)
  • Ronald Shellard (Brazil)
  • Claudio Dib (Chile)
  • Jakub Vicha (Czech Republic)
  • Christopher Van Eldik (Germany)
  • Alessandro de Angelis (Italy, INFN)
  • Marco Tavani (Italy, INAF)
  • Andres Sandoval (Mexico)
  • Jose Bellido Caceres (Peru)
  • Mário Pimenta (Portugal)
  • Jason Lee (South Korea)
  • Jon Lapington (UK)
  • Pat Harding (USA)

The Spokesperson and Vice-spokespersons are ex-officio members of the steering committee.

Institutes Per Country




Czech Republic






South Korea

United Kingdom

United States of America

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